To address dental students’ physical and emotional well being by increasing awareness of the prevalent health problems among dental students, offering solutions on an personal level, and advocating for its improvement as a national voice.


  1. Share informative resources helpful to improve dental students’ wellbeing.
  2. Increase awareness of the prevalence of mental health problems among dental students with the goal to destigmatize the issue.
  3. Promote dental students’ mental and physical health through contests and challenges.
  4. Advocate for the students’ mental and physical wellness needs through collaboration with other national organizations such as ACFD and CDA.


The Committee will be determined by the Council. 


The Committee will meet bi-monthly by teleconference.  Additional electronic meetings or conference calls may be held to be determined in consultation with the Chair and staff support.


The Committee will report to the FCDSA Council following its yearly meeting and as required.

Staff Support

Staff support is available through the FCDSA Secretariat.


Approved by the FCDSA Council, June 18, 2016.