One of the FCDSA Council’s priorities is to be a credible voice for dentistry students at the national level and advocate for issues of importance to its members. We invite member associations to identify issues of concern and work with us to develop strategies to address them on your behalf.

 Here are examples of a few issues: 

Have ideas on these or other issues of concern? Please speak to one of your school’s Council members or use the contact form available on this site.

Ethics and Professionalism

FCDSA and SPEA joined CDA for a virtual townhall meeting to discuss ethics in dentistry. Watch as they discuss two cases.

Achieving and Maintaining Mental and Physical Health

At the 2016 Annual General Meeting, the FCDSA established a Student Wellness Committee (SWC) to address dental students’ physical and emotional well-being by increasing awareness of the prevalent health problems among dental students, offering solutions on an personal level, and advocating for its improvement as a national voice.

The objectives of the SWC are as follows:

  • Share informative resources helpful to improve dental students’ well-being.

  • Increase awareness of the prevalence of mental health problems among dental students with the goal to destigmatize the issue.

  • Promote dental students’ mental and physical health through contests and challenges.

  • Advocate for the students’ mental and physical wellness needs.

Career Paths

FCDSA is pleased to provide the following preliminary report of a 5-year survey undertaken by a number of professors and one DDS student at the University of Alberta.  The preliminary report was published in the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association (

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What will Dentistry Look Like in the Future?